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Valerie Limmer was born in Toronto, Ontario, and grew up in the town of Aurora, Ontario. The oldest daughter of an accountant and a homemaker, she went to the University of Toronto and became an industrial engineer. However, she always knew that one day she would become a missionary.

She worked for a number of years as an engineering consultant following her marriage. Peter, her husband, was an associate pastor at a small church in Mississauga during that same period.

Finally, after six years of marriage and 11 years of preparation, God finally paved the way for Valerie and Peter to fulfill the call that he had placed on their lives, and they became missionaries in Japan.

Valerie enjoys reading, cooking, learning new languages, and has recently taken up Japanese brush calligraphy. She is a voracious reader, and now addicted to writing as well.

Valerie and Peter have recently been featured for four weeks on Canada's National Bible Hour, North America's longest-running Christian radio broadcast.